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The Rustic Ranch Wedding & Event Barn

Chatham-Kent Wedding Barn

Our Story


Mark & Crystal

Mark, a talented musician of a well know local band has always had a love of entertainment. Whether the main focus on stage or hosting a gathering, he always puts on a good show! With a great eye for design Mark always dreamed of owning and operating his own wedding venue. With a lot of time and effort that dream has quickly become a reality.

Crystal, partners in a local family run business was taught from a young age that if you work hard and have strong determination you will be rewarded for your efforts. Always having a craft project on the go, a great love of interior designs and a DIY addict she too dreamed of being able to showcase her "talents".

After ten years of marriage, three children and a lot of dreaming we are happy to begin our journey helping people bring their dreams into reality.

Let us at, The Rustic Ranch Wedding and Event Barn, show you what we can do. We promise you won't be disappointed!

The Barn

Once a cherished horse barn which housed five wonderful quarter horses and a pony named Champ, the Erickson family loved every minute of being horse owners. Brent and Connie started with a hobby horse, when before they knew it one turned into six and as their children stopped riding their grandchildren started riding, but, they too started moving forward with their lives. Feeling like the horses weren't getting enough love Connie donated the horses to local families and from there the barn sat unused for years. In July of 2016, Crystal and Connie had the bright idea of gutting the barn and making it open enough to have a family wedding there in September of 2016. In that short time we decided to make more and more changes turning a once stinky barn into the beautiful site you see today. Since the wedding went so well we thought why not do this full time!?! And so our story begins ...

Our First Wedding

Codie, our nephew and his beautiful finance Jessica decided to take a chance on all of this and let Mark, Crystal and Connie take full reign of their big day. On September 18, 2016 Codie and Jessica said "I do" along with 120 close friends and family. Nothing could go wrong on that day, we were all just flying high and everything was beyond perfect. At the exact moment Jess walked down the aisle Crystal looked around, seeing the sun shining with loved ones shedding tears of joy - she knew this was something that her and Mark could do for years to come.

Congratulations Codie and Jessica, we wish you nothing but the best!

Why Us?

Being a musician Mark has witnessed hundreds of weddings, he has listened to brides talk about likes/dislikes for years, along with his talent for design and Crystals love of decorating we know we can give you the day you have been dreaming of. We won't let you down.

But, we don't just cater to weddings, think of us when planning an anniversary or birthday party, baby or wedding shower - we have what it takes to make any event a memorable one